Design done in minutes

Building a design with all the right colors and fonts can be exhausting! With our templates, color schemes and text styles all the hard work is done for you. And you can customize in any way required with our powerful drag & drop editor.
Which means you get to focus on your content!

Use Cases

Stand out from the crowd

Your colors

Choose from a wide range of suggested color combinations, or create your own to match your brand

Your text style

Explore the inventory of text style schemes, which automatically work with your choice of template

Start creating

Share your designs

Publish any document on the Web

No coding skills required – all with one click.

Edit your documents with anyone

Invite the team, work together on your document

Create outstanding documents

The one-stop creative document solution that bridges the gap between business documents & professional design.

All in 1 solution

Seamlessly combine text, graphics, images, and rich media in one workspace.


Be on the same page with your team. Only one copy of the same document – always.

Cloud storage

Automatically integrate your cloud storage from Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.


Access and edit your documents online from anywhere and any device.

Safeguard CI

Xara template sets ensure consistency across all your documents and publications.

Multi-file compatibility

Easily import/export pdf, png, jpg, e.g. import fully editable pdf.

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